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Is it time to settle up?

Midtown's Only New, Single-family Residential Development Awaits

If you think that settling down sounds like the end of an adventure, may we invite you to upgrade your lifestyle?  In walkable, Midtown, you have just discovered inspiring, bold, timeless modern achitecture for sale. A place to put down roots in the community, and a home base for your worldy adventures.

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CityDwell: Modern Homes in a Unique Setting

CityDwell offers two different base designs from which you may customize your layouts and finishes to suit your needs. The link below takes you to the floorplans and renderings of the Eero and the Ernst.   
Choose from 5 available lots on 4th St, near Alexandrine, where your bold, new home will be constructed. CityDwell is the next step up from the adjacent, recent EcoHomes development spanning two blocks of mid-mod revivalist glory within an otherwise historic neighborhood.

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